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Prince heirs quibble on which attorney's fees to pay

The Prince heirs have been in the news consistently for almost a year now as courts, heirs and lawyers work to move the complex estate through probate. Part of the problem is that the pop star died without a will -- or any other estate provisions -- leaving everything to be sorted according to the law. That left courts with months of work in identifying the right heirs, and now that six heirs have been identified, they can't seem to agree on much.

Among the many current battles among the heirs is whether estate funds should be used to pay attorneys' fees. Multiple attorneys have incurred expenses in completing work on behalf of the estate or the heirs; some of the heirs themselves were involved in legal disputes just to prove that they were, in fact, heirs.

At this point, it seems like the heirs each want their own attorney's fees covered by the estate, but they are hesitant to allow other heirs the same benefit. Some of the heirs have filed motions to block other heirs from having attorneys' fees paid or they have sought to limit how much of those fees can be paid out of the estate.

The heirs do seem united on some fronts; specifically in their dislike of the former management of the estate by Bremer Trust. They are moving to limit how much the estate will pay to the attorneys representing the trust.

Legal fees are something everyone should consider when dealing with probate matters. Working ahead of time with an experienced attorney to plan your estate can reduce the chance that heirs are caught up in the expense and time of probate litigation.

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