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Resolving internal business disputes

We've talked about many types of disputes on our blog. Some common themes of posts include disputes between heirs and family members, disputes over how to honor a deceased person's wishes, and disputes between individuals and companies or tax agencies. Another type of dispute we can help with are those that arise between business partners.

Disputes might occur between partners in a small business or could arise between shareholders and others within a corporate environment. Some reasons for disputes include arguments over how debt is allocated, disagreements over the future of the business and disputes over profit sharing. Arguments might also arise when one person wants to be free of the business or when the business is being sold.

No matter when or how arguments develop, we can help mediate issues or work to strengthen your side of the argument. When dealing with corporate and business structures, arguments are rarely simple disagreements. Often, disputes involve a complex web of legal, financial and management issues. Sorting through that web to find a solution that works for both sides and is legal in nature can be difficult.

We work with you to come to a compromise or can represent you during a dispute. We represent both minor and major shareholders in disputes, and can also represent small and mid-size small business owners.

During a business dispute, one of the biggest goals is to resolve the issue without causing outward harm to the business. Disputes can result in financial losses and can mar your brand, depending on how they are handled. We work to protect your interests and your business for the future.

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