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Help With Loan Modifications And Short Sales

Millions of people have lost their homes in recent years to foreclosure. If you are at risk of losing your home because you are behind on your mortgage payment or unable to afford your current monthly mortgage payment, there are many ways that you may be able to avoid home foreclosure.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide the solution you are seeking. Prior to contemplating bankruptcy, however, you may want to consider a loan modification or short sale. With a loan modification, you may be able to obtain an affordable mortgage by reducing your monthly mortgage payment. With a short sale, you will lose your home, but your mortgage lender agrees not to hold you responsible for any remaining debt if your home is sold for an amount that does not cover the remaining debt you owe on your home.

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To speak with an attorney about a loan modification, short sale or bankruptcy, contact the Law Office of Robert C. Nisenson, L.L.C., in East Brunswick, New Jersey. We have helped thousands of clients who were struggling with difficult debt problems. Each case at our firm is personally managed by attorney Robert C. Nisenson, a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Attorney Robert C. Nisenson can negotiate directly with your mortgage lender to seek a loan modification or short sale. A loan modification or short sale may be better than bankruptcy because it may better protect your credit rating. However, if you have other debts you are unable to pay, a bankruptcy may be a better option to obtain the debt relief you require. At your free consultation, Mr. Nisenson can help you understand your options.

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From our office in East Brunswick, we serve clients throughout central New Jersey. We offer free consultations. Weekend and evening appointments are available. To schedule your consultation with East Brunswick loan modification and short sale lawyer Robert C. Nisenson, call 732-518-8038 or toll-free at 800-645-9625. You may also contact us by email.