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Posts tagged "Family Estate Disputes"

Estate plans can come under the scrutiny of some individuals

There are some common misconceptions about what happens when a person has a will and then passes away. One thing that happens in the movies is that there is likely a very dramatic reading of the will that starts a family brawl. While these events might happen in such a dramatic fashion, there are often some other points that occur.

Experts claim stepchildren often get unequal bequests

Unequal inheritances are one of the main reasons for estate disputes between siblings. Inevitably, a lot of the children who got less -- even if their parents thought they had a good reason -- feel like they were treated unfairly.

Family estate disputes are tragic events

Family estate disputes are tragic because loved ones have to fight against each other. In these cases, the family dynamics can be changed forever. One way that people can prevent this from happening is to have a solid estate plan in place. It might even behoove some individuals to put a no-contest clause in the will. This means that if someone in the will contests things and loses that court action, he or she will walk away with nothing from the estate, not even what was intended for that person.

Estates are sometimes subjected to legal disputes

Family estate disputes are a horrible situation for anyone to go through. These come at a time when your emotions are already raw because of the loss of your loved one. Instead of having to worry about an estate dispute, you should be free to spend your time remembering your loved one and mourning the loss.

An estate's bills must be paid in a specific order

The probate system is mystifying to some people until they have to deal with it after a loved one dies. Some people get confused about what is going on. They might think that they can just grab their loved one's assets and move on with life. This isn't the way that it works.

Keep inheritance fights at bay with these tips

Losing a parent is hard, even when he or she has lived a long, full life. Emotions run high immediately after a parent dies, and life may never be quite the same again. However, for those adult children who learn that they didn't receive as much of an inheritance as their brother or sister, then other emotions can begin to crop up.

Should I leave the same amount to all of my kids in my will?

One of the more difficult dilemmas for parents when making out their wills is whether or not to leave the same amount of cash and assets to each child. In a perfect world, the answer would be unequivocally, yes.

Legal battle over baking magnate's estate continues

If you need a good reason to update your will or other estate planning documents, look no further than the battle currently embroiling a late businessman's wife and his children from our neighboring Maryland. The businessman may have left substantial assets when he passed away some months ago, but his widowed wife's portrayal of his estate does not seem to match the picture that his children presented of his finances after his death.

Contesting a will requires specific criteria be met

When your loved one passes away, you might be ready to get the will read so that you can get everything finalized. In some cases, the will might not contain the information that people think it will contain. This realization could lead to someone contesting the will.

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