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May 2018 Archives

Probate doesn't have to be mystifying

When a person passes away, there is a chance that his or her estate will have to go through the probate process. There are three primary ways that this can be avoided: gifts, revocable trusts and joint ownership with the right of survivorship. Without these, there is a good chance that the case will need to go through probate.

Common issues that lead to financial crises in New Jersey

Every person has a unique financial personality. Are you a spender or did friends and family dub you as a frugal Fanny (or Freddie) because you know how to pinch pennies better than most others do. The New Jersey economy, like in all states throughout the nation, has taken a serious hit in recent years. It currently remains a fluctuating fiscal system in which some months or years are better than others are. The state's, nation's and global economy can all impact your personal financial situation. 

Family estate disputes are tragic events

Family estate disputes are tragic because loved ones have to fight against each other. In these cases, the family dynamics can be changed forever. One way that people can prevent this from happening is to have a solid estate plan in place. It might even behoove some individuals to put a no-contest clause in the will. This means that if someone in the will contests things and loses that court action, he or she will walk away with nothing from the estate, not even what was intended for that person.

Estate planning mistakes can leave your estate in disarray

After the recent phasing out of New Jersey's estate tax, some believe there is no real incentive to create an estate plan. However, avoiding estate taxes is only one reason to create an estate plan or even to write a simple will. Expressing your wishes may reduce confusion for your heirs and ensure your assets reach the hands you want them to reach.

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