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March 2018 Archives

Estates are sometimes subjected to legal disputes

Family estate disputes are a horrible situation for anyone to go through. These come at a time when your emotions are already raw because of the loss of your loved one. Instead of having to worry about an estate dispute, you should be free to spend your time remembering your loved one and mourning the loss.

Do I need a trust in my estate plan?

For many people, a will is sufficient for their estate planning needs. A simple estate with few assets and limited beneficiaries probably does not need a more elaborate plan as long as the benefactor makes provisions for medical and financial powers of attorney. However, you may be wondering if a will is enough for your estate.

An estate's bills must be paid in a specific order

The probate system is mystifying to some people until they have to deal with it after a loved one dies. Some people get confused about what is going on. They might think that they can just grab their loved one's assets and move on with life. This isn't the way that it works.

Make your estate administrator's job a little easier

Your estate plan is where your loved ones will turn when they want to make sure they are following your final wishes. This is often a great source of comfort for them. When you create the estate plan, you will name an estate administrator. This person will make sure that your affairs are taken care of. You should make sure that you name a person who is responsible, pays attention to details and is able to handle the duties.

Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 your best bankruptcy option?

When your financial ship first started sailing off course, you might have felt a bit panicked. That's not an uncommon reaction to money problems, especially if your situation involves threats of foreclosure on your home or other potentially dire consequences. Hopefully, your panic subsided after learning that many New Jersey homeowners are able to access options that help them secure immediate debt relief while simultaneously stopping foreclosure. Perhaps you are considering bankruptcy options to help you get your finances back on track.

Some backwards thinking is necessary in estate planning

Planning your estate doesn't have to be a taxing or difficult process. Instead, you simply need to decide what type of goals you have for the estate and work backwards from there. You can explore different types of estate plan components to help you determine which options might benefit your case. We can help you evaluate the options that apply to your case so that you can make an informed decision.

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