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November 2017 Archives

Don't forget this person when planning your estate

New Jersey residents create their estate plans primarily for their heirs and loved ones. However, there is a vital aspect of every estate plan that has nothing to do with your heirs, and everything to do with you. If you neglect this component, you could live to regret it.

Debt and probate

You may not think about your debt beyond making monthly installment payments. If you have considerable debt, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you will never pay it off in your lifetime. Perhaps you believe that your death will bring an end to what you owe, and the balances will simply dissipate. You may also believe that, despite your debts, your children or other heirs will inherit your assets.

Evaluate the options you have in probate litigation

Probate litigation is something that most people hope never to have to handle. When you are faced with the possibility of having to go through a contentious probate case, you might feel easily overwhelmed. We are here to help you each step of the way.

What does it mean to be executor of an estate?

Probate litigation in East Brunswick, like anywhere else, is something most families would rather avoid if possible. That's why an estate executor should be careful that he or she knows what his or her fiduciary duty is toward the estate's assets. Some mistakes can be costly both for the executor and the heirs. Probate litigation can go on for months or even years in some cases.

Ways to overcome major credit card debt

Perhaps things have gotten a bit out of hand for you, financially speaking. You should know that you are definitely not the first person (nor will you be the last) in New Jersey to face such challenges. The economic condition of the state, and the nation, is constantly fluctuating. Some years, you may be on top of your game; others may find you pinching pennies a bit tighter than usual. The question is how to avoid serious financial disaster. Even if you know the answer, it's no guarantee you won't ever be in debt.

Working through the probate process can be complicated

The probate process is a complex one that can be difficult to work through if you aren't sure what is going on. This occurs when you are already in shock because of your loved one's death. We understand that you might have some questions about everything and we can help you to get the answers to those.

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